• Chrome plated brass
  • Die cast chrome hoops
  • Nickelworks throw-off
  • 8 Classic box (x) lugs
  • Classic Leedy badge
  • Floating head design


  • 4" x 13"
  • 4" x 14"
  • 5" x 14"
  • 6-1/2" x 14"

COLORS: Chrome

Elite Brass Series

The Leedy "ELITE STANDARD BRASS" snare drum has an "aliveness" that will be a revelation to you. It combines all of the great features of the "ELITE" series with a quality chrome plated brass shell and a great price. See this model before you buy any drum and you'll agree that it's the finest of its kind on the market.

That is what the new "LEEDY" stands ready to deliver. With the first few taps of the sticks you will "feel" a new "throwback" - a new delicacy - that "something" you have long had in mind but never before experienced. Now it's here - a new sensation in Drumming. The "LEEDY" snaps like a spark of a wireless at the slightest touch of the operator's finger on the key. And there is a reserve power always at your command without the forced strain of slamming. It never "chokes" under either the lightest or heaviest beats.